Najiba Abbasova

A captivating persona, Najiba Abbasova, a film director and producer who turned entrepreneur and is now gaining enormous notoriety in the jewellery sector

The trends that have unfolded in the apparel sector over the last three decades appear to be playing out in the jewellery sector, but at a much faster pace.

Speaking of a charismatic figure, Najiba Abbasova, born and bred in Azerbaijan who now resides in Istanbul, Turkey, used to be a film director and producer before gaining notoriety in the jewellery sector. Najiba made her foray into this field by bringing something incredibly groundbreaking, which is the production of earrings and necklaces that emit scent, under the moniker “Najiba,” a brand that was created by fusing traditional cultures and is constantly expanding and ameliorating with time.

When asked to elaborate more on her journey to amass this far, she followed by saying, “It was not at all an easy journey to bring the notion of making earrings and necklaces with such a novel aspect—that they emanate scent—to life, therefore, I consider my journey to be both challenging and fulfilling. It took approximately four years of relentless effort and cooperation with numerous industry professionals.” Moreover, she added, “I’ve been living by the adage that we are all familiar with, which says ‘Effort is rewarded,’ and so does it.”

In a nutshell, Najiba, which translates as “aristocrat” or “noble spirit,” is the brand that produces jewellery that emanates aroma. Najiba Abbasova, the brand representative, claims her passion for accessories and perfume is the inspiration behind this quirky creation, which can be purchased all over the world.

In response to a query about providing more details about the brand’s launch, Najiba Abbasova stated that it took place during the sunset, which complemented the contemporary lines of fragrant earrings, which are the manifestation of a brand-new vision. The unique perfume bottle received accolades for its exquisite beauty, and a sizable contingent of Istanbul’s elite attended the brand’s inauguration while being enthralled by the jewelry’s distinctive designs.

Najiba Abbasova made it clear during this conversation that she’s steadily paving her way to success and will surely go down in history with NAJIBA. 

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