Prevailing handbag, accessory, and shoes designer in the fashion industry, Zufi Alexander, has launched “ZEDIT,” the first social media magazine 

Zufi Alexander, a pioneering businesswoman and well-known handbag, accessory, and shoes designer in the fashion world, never fails to astound us with her gigantic handbag collection. This time, Alexander has introduced Zedit, the first and only social media magazine incorporated with fashion, emotional, and mental wellness.

In relation to Zufi Alexander’s conception of ZEDIT, it aims to empower women by telling them to be comfortable with who they are rather than forcing themselves to be someone they may later find unacceptable.

“What you wear can influence how you feel inside because how you feel determines what you wear.” – Alexander

When it comes to fashion, Zufi Alexander invests in timeless styles that are sure to appeal to royalty and celebrities alike. Her collection plays on rich colours and exotic textures that exude high fashion that you can never go wrong with. 

She continued, when asked where the concept for Zedit came from: “One of the many causes that led to the birth of Zedit is the pandemic. I’ve met so many people from many nations on my frequent trips that I’ve come to the conclusion that mental and emotional wellness are what we all need the most. In order for women to be able to love themselves without feeling condemned, we need to support and encourage them both intellectually and emotionally.”

Briefly said, Zedit focuses on emotional and mental aspects of fashion. This magazine is all about letting people be themselves, recognising what colours would inspire them, and identifying the things that make them feel needed, wanted, accepted, and loved—while still bringing fashion into their daily life.

“My designs are strong and self-assured, with a distinctive look that is a little urban-chic yet gorgeous.” – Alexander

Zufi has ambitious plans for ZEDIT to become a known luxury social media magazine with emotive styling using a variety of products, including bags, shoes, jeans, sunglasses, lingerie, and jewellery.

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