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Karlo Baker : A British entrepreneur, business consultant, scale-up strategist, public speaker, and advocate for ethical investing and philanthropy

Karlo Baker is a British fashion fanatic, a never-stop doer, an optimist, a business builder, a boundary pusher, a travel enthusiast, an entrepreneurial addict, a problem solver, and at the core of it all, someone who simply has a heart for people. Someone who wants to make a positive difference with the skills and passions he has by giving back to the poor and helping those who can’t help themselves by empowering and raising a generation of leaders who can lead with love and compassion. 

Taking a step back, before beginning his entrepreneurial journey in 2011, he combined his passion for fashion and travel for over 3 years, working as an international model and actor for some of the world’s largest brands and agencies, including AVE (Singapore), 2morrow (Italy), Talent (Germany), Elite (Worldwide), Ford Models (USA), Francina (Barcelona), and MOT Models (UK), just to name a few.

In 2011, he then decided to leave his full-time job as a model and actor to move to London and focus on doing a BSc in International Business Management at Surrey University, where he successfully funded and launched his first business, a hairdressing salon for local students at affordable rates. In year 2, he took one year out to work as a management consultant for an established consultancy called Tricordant in London, working across government, legal, and large corporate bodies.

Shortly after, following his dream, he went on to join the ethical fashion label Fikay as a Co-Founder whilst finishing his studies. The brand had the core mission of building schools, educating children, and empowering women in developing countries. It won numerous awards and was featured in publications around the world. 

Whilst running Fikay, he and his business partner decided to found a designer platform called SeeFashion, which enabled fashion designers to get to market by validating their designs through preorders and then, once targets were hit, manufacturing the designs free of charge for the designer whilst pushing these into all their already existing retail partners around the globe. 

Baker decided to leave and sell his shares in these businesses in 2017 whilst instead founding a startup consultancy called I-Ambassador, which consulted startups in need of marketing, PR, strategic, and operational advice for just over 1 year. 

Deciding to follow his passion, he closed that project and, learning from that, started up a British concierge company specialising in private luxury events, travel, and access in early 2018, building on from his previous experience and network within the luxury market, taking the business from strength to strength until this date. Based on the need for regular entertainment, he decided to set up a separate sister company called MusicBoxLive, which purely focuses on providing live entertainment for his events, including both private and corporate events all around the globe, and which has steadily grown since the launch in parallel to the concierge company.

In early 2019, alongside running the concierge and music company, he joined forces with the consultancy called Profoundly as a senior partner and consultant, lending his previous consulting and startup knowledge within the fashion, entertainment, and tech spaces to help scale startups, where he has been working on implementing top-level strategies for clients ever since.

His latest project was to launch a blockchain company called “NettleLabs” in 2022 with several friends of his, which acts as a philanthropic payment gateway designed to do good by integrating a full-fledged rewards system. The team is currently seed-funding $3 million and is looking for active investors passionate about tech and philanthropy. 

He will continue his work as an entrepreneur, public speaker, and advocate, travelling the world to share his experiences on issues concerning social justice, ethics, mental health, the start-up world, and fashion. 

“Watch the space people. ” – karlo Baker

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