The Trumps are not benefiting from Kimberly Guilfoyle’s text message leaks.


Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. have had a busy few days for right-wing royalty. The couple appeared to announce their engagement on Friday; however, it was later revealed that the devil’s spawn had actually proposed a year earlier but had kept it a secret. The New York attorney general had subpoenaed Don Jr. and his sister Ivanka, according to information we acquired on Monday, but they appeared to be defying the summons. And as the anniversary of the violent assault on the Capitol draws near, we’re reminded of the ProPublica investigation from last fall, in which text messages sent by Guilfoyle about the rally on January 6 that came before the deadly assault, suggested Team Trump was even more closely involved with the planning of “Stop the Steal” than was previously believed. the happy couple our best wishes?
There were apparently fears that Guilfoyle wouldn’t be able to speak on stage at the event when she boasted of the millions she brought in. The speaker roster, according to Pierson, was personally chosen by the president, and there was nothing she could do to change it, reports ProPublica. According to reports, Guilfoyle said that she only wanted to present Don Jr. and said she had “raised so much money for this…. Literally one of my contributors Julie at 3 million.” According to ProPublica, Guilfoyle was ostensibly referring to Julie Jenkins Fancelli, the heir to the Publix grocery chain, with whom Guilfoyle had developed a business connection during the campaign.
Approximately $150,000 from Fancelli was routed to the Republican Attorneys General Association’s Rule of Law Defense Fund, which later bought a robocall urging Trump supporters to travel to Washington, D.C., and march on the Capitol following the president’s speech, according to ProPublica. Wren allegedly told another rally organiser that she had “parked” funds with dark money organisations supporting the event.

Guilfoyle and Don Jr. met with Trump on January 6 before of the event, and, according to The Washington Post, she “indulged the delusion that [Mike] Pence would help overturn the election results” in the Oval Office. They’re just reflecting the will of the people,” Guilfoyle allegedly said to the president of the crowds gathered at the Ellipse. The people’s desire is expressed in this. We won’t let the liberals and Democrats steal our dream or our elections, she urged the audience in a later speech before introducing Don Jr. You have an opportunity today, Don Jr. said to the lawmakers preparing to ratify Biden’s victory in the Electoral College. You have a choice between becoming a hero and a zero. Also, you get to decide. however, everyone is looking. All eyes are on you, people. Select carefully.

Joe Tacopina, Guilfoyle’s lawyer, disputed to ProPublica that his client was involved in fundraising or selecting rally speakers, saying the text “did not connect to the Save America event” and that the “content of the message itself” was “inaccurate” and “taken out of context.” (When the source pressed him further regarding the message’s veracity and setting, he chose not to comment.) Fancelli did not answer inquiries for comment, and Pierson declined to do so. Wren acknowledged she assisted with the rally’s production in a statement sent to ProPublica by her attorney, but she remained mum about her involvement with fundraising.
Melania reportedly couldn’t tear herself away from her rug photography at the time to approve a message to the country since she was supposedly photographing carpets at the time. She didn’t publicly remark on the uprising until over a week had passed, at which point she essentially asserted that she was the real victim of the day.

Grisham worked for the Trumps for many years, beginning as a press assistant to Trump during the 2016 campaign, and despite their attempts to portray her as a dissatisfied employee, they plainly thought highly of her. The first lady assured CNN that she knew Grisham would “excel as chief of staff” when he visited the East Wing again.
But according to one legal expert, there is no proof that the DOJ is now conducting “any large-scale investigation of high-level coup plotters.”

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