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Gisele Bündchen on Crypto Collaboration

Gisele Bündchen has posed for every opulent brand you can think of, including Chanel, Versace, Gucci, and many more, but her most recent campaign could be her most significant to date. Together with CEO and creator Sam Bankman-Fried, Bündchen serves as the first face of cryptocurrency exchange FTX in slick photography by frequent colleague Nino Muoz. Although the photographs are attractive, their focus is on content rather than fashion. Both of them highlight Bündchen’s new position as FTX’s head of environmental and social initiatives and make public Bankman-promise Fried’s to contribute $1 billion to charity organisations over the course of the next year.

At the SALT Crypto conference yesterday in Nassau, Bahamas, Bündchen said, “Whenever someone is prepared to commit to change, I’m willing to help.” “I find it inspiring that Sam is making such a significant statement with this.”

Initial discussions between Bündchen and Bankman-Fried were when the two recognised how powerful their complementary skill sets might be. The CEO shares the supermodel’s love of charity, and the size of FTX’s gift will assist groups working to fight poverty, conserve animals, and preserve the environment for future generations. In her new position, Bündchen will assist FTX in connecting with nonprofit organisations that can have the most effect by acting as an advisor.

 Gisele in the new FTX Campaign 

“It’s so important when companies pledge to give these large amounts through funds because it sets a precedent,” says Bündchen. “What made me excited about this partnership was the impact they can have. much more than anything a single individual can accomplish on their own.”

Bitcoin has evolved from a niche technology to an unavoidable force in less than a decade. Working with FTX gave Bündchen the opportunity to get greater knowledge about the inner workings of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. According to Bündchen, “It was all new to me, but I liken it to when we first got the internet.” “I distinctly recall not comprehending it—I still wanted to use my pencil and paper, and I had my fax machine! There will always be a time of disruption before the new technology that once looked so alien integrate into your daily life.

A quick study, Bündchen found herself fascinated by the possibility that new mediums of exchange can challenge inequality. “There is a real potential for good [with crypto], a chance to foster positive change and create a level playing field,” she says. “Our current system hasn’t worked out great for everyone.”

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