Deb Antney asserts that Gucci Mane “couldn’t stand” Nicki Minaj because she refused to have sex with him.


On Math Hoffa’s podcast My Expert Opinion, music manager Deb Antney revealed that Gucci Mane once “couldn’t stand” Nicki because he couldn’t sleep with her. Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj were both past clients of Deb Antney.

You understand what upset me? Antney said, before stating the reason why Gucci couldn’t stand her. Because he couldn’t fk her, he didn’t like Nicki. Her dislike was mutual. Because of the previous hostility, Antney didn’t understand why Minaj would praise the “Lemonade” rapper and include him on her 2017 song “Make Love” when “he done nothing for her.” “And that was absurd for you to give him [Gucci] these props for the st he did. Nicki, he has done nothing for you and doesn’t even like her. Deb added that when she included Minaj in a song, Gucci “had a tantrum” at one point.
On the song “Sex In Crazy Places,” Gucci claimed in front of the public in 2013 that they were romantically involved.
The Young Money rep replied by writing on Twitter, “May God strike me dead if I ever had sex with that dude. Lmfaoooooooooo. Ni**a the manner in which your #ugliness is presented, #BubbaGump #Crackhead.

However, Nicki was not among those to whom the “Nothin on Ya” rapper ultimately extended an apology. On Minaj’s track “Make Love,” though, they teamed up four years later.
In addition to Nicki and Gucci, Antney promoted the careers of OJ Da Juiceman, French Montana, and her child Waka Flocka.
Because we are family, she explains in the video, “I wanted them all to work together.” Consequently, we must all be present. Any one of these is impossible.
Regarding Gucci Mane’s conduct as a musician and businessman, she added, “He’s really selfish and he’s very much to himself. Even signing artists is beyond my comprehension.
The speaker said, “An artist is never going to let another artist to surpass them in success. I never thought it was cool when artists signed other artists.
After a brief diversion, the co-hosts and seasoned music manager talked about how Nicki rarely expresses gratitude to Georgians who have helped her succeed.
‘All of these things happened on and you don’t say anything, like nothing,’ Antney exclaimed. “Georgia did a great deal for you.”
The host followed up by assuring Deb’s allegations by pointing out that other musicians have spoken about their condition, despite Minaj never mentioning Antney’s name in any of her remarks. The 60-year-old claimed that, because she doesn’t spend much time on social media, she “hardly sees what goes” with Nicki unless someone actively informs her of what’s going on.
Deb stated coolly, “I’m not even angry; I don’t ever have to be close to her. However, I’ve always said to everyone of them, “Don’t leave me if we never succeed in this music.

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