Making her home a truly minimalist haven, Gisele Bündchen applies Marie Kondo’s decluttering guideline to reorganise everything.


It would be understandable for you to believe that Gisele Bündchen has an overflowing wardrobe full of designer products, yet the reverse is actually true.

The Brazilian-born supermodel, who rose to become one of the highest-paid models in the world, enjoys unrestricted access to goods from the world’s most exclusive brands; hence, mastering efficient decluttering techniques is crucial. Marie Kondo, a well-known organiser, can help here.

Gisele Bündchen stated in an interview with Vogue (opens in new tab) that she only keeps the things that “spark delight” for her. In other words, she only keeps her favourite pieces. A pair of early Vince jeans and the model’s Balenciaga leather jacket are among the items that still reside in her closet, although her sisters end up with the majority of designer gifts.
“People believe they need more things, but they don’t. claims Gisele. Start by asking yourself, “What makes my life possible?” as soon as you wake up. What a straightforward query. The sun, the food I eat, the water I drink, and the air I breathe are all examples of environmental factors. Perhaps we can take better care of the planet if we realise how important it is to our survival and truly value everything that it has given us. The industry of fashion is worth $1 trillion. We have the tools. Our only requirement is a will to act.
Gisele Bündchen’s home is undoubtedly organised thanks to Marie Kondo’s closet organisation advice, but the model claims that her love of order influences her outlook in ways that go beyond her home.

Gisele is seen confessing that arranging is her “greatest vice” in a clip from Vogue’s 73 Questions (opens in new tab), before adding that she “can’t bear dirty environments” in response to the question.
After divorcing Tom Brady, the football superstar, Gisele Bündchen started to build up her real estate portfolio most recently by investing in a lavish Florida home and a $1.3 million Florida cottage. Despite the lack of information regarding their interiors, we can assume that their most important feature is that they are impeccably ordered.

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