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The bikini diaries of Ananya Panday

In Capri, Ananya Panday is having a ball. The star recently travelled to Italy for a holiday, and since then, her Instagram page has been filled with images and videos of her soaking up the sun there. We are scrambling to take notes on how to organise a great vacation like Ananya did since the star is on a binge of posting morsels from her adventures in Capri. The actor is also totally crushing fashion ambitions.

Ananya gave us vacation aspirations as she flaunted her outfit for the boat day in the sun and sea while wearing a white floral bikini. Ananya dressed up in gorgeous bikinis for this holiday, matching the beach moods of Capri, and they are both drool- and envy-worthy. Italy’s Bay of Naples is home to the island of Capri, which is renowned for its untamed scenery and outdoor markets. Ananya is enjoying this holiday while lazing in the sun of Capri.

Ananya Panday’s bikini diaries in Capri has a ZNMD reference

Ananya is delighted to be in Capri. Ananya in a bikini, gorgeous landscapes, and a heart-shaped cave—which was one of Ananya’s signature Capri attractions—are all included in the actor’s plethora of photos from her recent trips. The star revealed a few tidbits from her recent day of fun in the sun and on the water in Capri. We adore the actor’s choice of a gorgeous bikini for the day out. Orange and green flower motifs were featured on the white bikini, which also had frills at the neckline. She paired it with pants that matched and had high waist embellishments. Additionally, the bottoms had frills at the waist.

Ananya added a sleek silver neck chain with a pendant to complete her outfit for the boat day. The actor completed her appearance with tinted sunglasses and a sloppy ponytail with her hair. Ananya flawlessly executed the look with drawn eyebrows, contoured cheekbones, and a tint of nude lipstick.

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