12 Jovani outfits that demonstrate why the label is popular on TikTok

In a long, mermaid-style Jovani dress, Megan Thee Stallion played the part of a beauty queen during her “Saturday Night Live” performance of “Anxiety.” The dress was chosen in collaboration with her stylist, Image Architect Law Roach, who recognised there was no better label to work with on the design. It was meant to represent the traditional pageant style. Megan’s Jovani gown really had the glitzy design accents that the company is known for in its evening wear.

The business was started in 1980 by Jacob Maslavi, who finally gave Saul and Abraham the keys. Since then, the New York-based shop has established itself as a staple for formalwear and is carried in 2,000 stores worldwide. Because of its enduring popularity, the business established the JVN cheap subsidiary line, with most gowns having a $500 price cap. Additionally, the original company entered the bridal market with couture-caliber designs that could cost up to $10,000.

Sites like Prom Girl and Madame Bridal list Jovani as one of the top prom merchants in the globe, while the Digital Journal’s 2022 report lists the company as one of the top sequin dress makers. Jovani, who had 198K followers on TikTok at the time of posting, had more fans than the Gen-Z companies who are considered to be the most “viral.”

Although customers can’t buy gowns on jovani.com directly, they may browse a wide selection of silhouettes to find the appearance they want.

Check out Jovani’s TikTok videos first, then shop some of our favourite designs that are currently in stock.

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