Jessica Betts and Niecy Nash on the AMAs red carpet looked adorable.


Possibly the loveliest couple on the AMAs red carpet was Niecy Nash and her wife, Jessica Betts.

The couple, who will be married in August 2020, was spotted at the Los Angeles Microsoft Theater on Sunday, November 20, for the 50th annual American Music Awards. Even a small PDA was shown to the audience (not in the style of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, though, thankfully).
Nash chose an all-black outfit that was slick and seductive. Her floor-length, figure-hugging dress had a cowl neck and a mermaid hem. Long black opera gloves were used with the dress, and her hair was styled in a middle part and worn straight and glossy.
Musician Betts sported a livelier ensemble. She was wearing a green tuxedo with a curving pattern in dark green, yellow, and red. She was also wearing pants with a red and black stripe down one side. She was dressed in a black collared shirt with a yellow shirt underneath. Betts added black patent leather loafers, gold eyewear, and earrings to the ensemble.
In 2020, Nash reflected on her marriage, telling People that it had “absolutely nothing to do with gender and everything to do with her soul.” I have never met a soul as wonderful as [Betts’].

She went on to say, “I have never repressed my sexuality.” I adore those I adore. I have two spouses from marriages I had at one point in my life, and I adore them. The person I love today. On my terms and in my own way, I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. As a result, my current partner choice has nothing to do with my past self. Who I am right now determines the situation.

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