Jordan Alexander, Thomas Doherty, and More Stars’ Love Lives from “Gossip Girl” on HBO Max


going after their hearts! The cast of the popular HBO Max remake series Gossip Girl was experiencing romance off-screen as viewers saw the conflict between their characters in that show.

Previously, Thomas Doherty’s friendship with Dove Cameron garnered media attention. They became acquainted after collaborating on The Descendants 2 in 2016. Over the years, Doherty and Cameron have made the decision to address their personal lives by posting PDA-heavy photos on social media.

The Invitation actor exclaimed that Cameron was “The One” for him as their relationship progressed.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in October 2019, he said, “She is just the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. “I believe people think she’s so amazing, but she’s the most kind, patient, sincere, and loving person I’ve ever encountered, even though it’s obviously her profession to act and do all the other things. And very generous and nice. She’s incredible. She is, in fact. She’s very beautiful. There is not a bad bone in her entire body.
For her part, the actress from Vengeance spoke candidly about her plans for the future with Doherty. One month later, Cameron told ET, “I weep, like, every day when I’m with him because he’s just the most pure, loving, selfless, generous, kind [guy].” “I feel very lucky to be loved by someone like that. His life is about the people he loves.”

The former co-stars announced their breakup in October 2020 and kept it a secret for two months.

The Washington native posted on Instagram Stories in December 2020, “Hi all, we know there have been some speculations and uncertainty lately concerning the status of our relationship and we wanted to get the record straight.” “Thomas and I made the decision to separate ways in October. Though the choice was extremely difficult, our friendship and love for one another do not change. We appreciate you allowing us this moment of privacy.
Cameron later thought back on how she felt after the split. She told ET in June 2021, “I was in a really poor position, like a really, really awful place. The split screwed me over. It was incredibly difficult, and I wanted something to help me move past my current stage of sorrow and onto the other side.
The Hairspray Live! actress said she and her ex-boyfriend were “quite friendly” at the time and continued, “I personally believe we have many soulmates in this life, but I don’t think that somebody stops being a soulmate when you break up. I’ll now love him differently.

“I think if you loved someone that deeply, you’re going to love them that deeply forever,” she said in her closing statement. One of my favourite individuals in the entire world is him. We could never, in my opinion, be in a bad place.

Jordan Alexander, Doherty’s co-star, has been mum over her relationship with Shane Homan. They first connected on a dating app in 2018 and have been secretly dating ever since.

Alexander and Homan both posed for Dauphine magazine in May 2021. In the joint interview, the native of Canada briefly touched on her personal life, adding, “I feel empowered knowing I’m lucky enough to be able to live my real truth and self. Everything seems easier now that I’ve actually made peace with myself, in my opinion.

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