Dakota Johnson Is Rocking A Mini Dress In NYC, Showcasing Her Long, Strong Legs.


Walking around the streets of New York City in a tiny dress, Dakota Johnson shows off her impressively toned legs.

The actress, 32, has a tonne of brand-new projects coming soon, and the Persuasion movie teaser just dropped today!

Dakota has worked with several personal trainers, but she also enjoys sometimes attending a Pilates class.

Everyone is aware of Dakota Johnson’s incredible ability to put together an outfit, if there is one thing about her that everyone is aware of.

This was also true of the actress from Fifty Shades of Grey in her white suit dress. While attending the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, Dakota went on the town to promote her newest movie, Cha Cha Real Smooth, which will be available on AppleTV+ on Friday. Oh, and did I mention that she has a movie coming out in July called Persuasion? And it just released a trailer? Definitely a lady of action, Dakota.

When Dakota turned around, viewers could also see exquisite chains draping her powerful back. The small dress, created by AREA, looks like an oversized jacket from the front. The 32-year-old actress accessorised the outfit with a sleek bun and a pair of edgy silver shoes that highlighted her amazingly toned legs.
Luke Worthington, Dakota’s sports scientist, physical therapist, nutritionist, and strength and conditioning specialist (he also works with Rooney Mara and Winnie Harlow), provided Women’s Health with some strength training techniques. Squats, lunges, barbell rows, hip thrusts, overhead presses, and burpees were all part of the exercise. Dakota’s muscular legs are no surprise.

Dakota enjoys hot Pilates sessions and has been seen entering and exiting studios, according to Daily Mail, when she isn’t working out with Luke. Additionally, Dakota has trained with other well-known athletes, like Gunnar Peterson and Kacy Duke, who both told Vogue that their concentration was on the “Triple A” (abdomen, arms, and a**).

To achieve multiple ranges of motion, this required performing several squats while using a twisting press.

Dakota worked out with Ramona Braganza five days a week as part of her training regimen to be ready for her part in the second and third Fifty Shades of Grey films. The major objective, according to Braganza, was to get her moving for 30 minutes each day. “We focused on building out her shoulders, keeping her butt, and toning her stomach and arms,” she said to Cosmopolitan.

Although I don’t know if this method worked for her Jane Austen heroine part, I’m going to venture a bet that she’ll be baring a lot less flesh.

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