The First Digital Met Gala and everything yo must know about!

Crypto Fashion Week presented its first Meta Gala, followed by an auction of digital costumers during a technology-led presentation of extravagant proportions.

Inspired by the shape of latest York’s Met Gala, the primary virtual Meta Gala happened during Crypto Fashion Week (CFW) presenting variety of extravagant garments, which were auctioned off after the event. a part of the proceeds will attend a replacement design fund supporting the work of emerging digital fashion designers worldwide.

The virtual dresses were presented by avatars on grandiose staircases during a castle-like setting hovering freely within the clouds. The motto of the event, ‘As Above, So Below’, mentioned the blurring boundaries between the important and virtual worlds. On display were eight designs that were later auctioned off as edition NFTs.

The design ‘The Empress of the Metaverse’, a collaboration between digital fashion house The Fabricant and digital influencer Ruby 9100m, generated the foremost revenue. The avatar wore a dress influenced by both the Empress Wu Zetian and therefore the Victorian era, featuring an extravagant crown and detailed corset. The NFT of this dress was sold for 3 ETH (equivalent to around 7,000 pounds). ETH, also Ethereum or Etha, is that the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

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