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Elvis Star Olivia DeJonge Victorian Style at the Gucci Show

You might have seen Olivia DeJonge throughout the summer during her international press appearances for Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, in which she plays Priscilla Presley. (She also provided numerous memorable red carpet moments along the process.) Although the film has been out for a while, the performer claims that even now, far into October, she is still absorbing the experience. The manner we shot the movie (during the epidemic) was so different from the marketing trip, recalls DeJonge.

For all of us, it was a tremendous relief. What will endure are the friendships I formed; the early-morning flights and experiences where we were all fatigued yet came together to celebrate something we all held dear.

DeJonge, who is accustomed to walking the red carpet, completed her busy week this week with a stop at Gucci’s spring 2023 runway presentation on Friday. The actress always makes it a point to attend fashion week, mostly for the networking opportunities. DeJonge claims that she “always has a night during fashion week that leaves me wondering how I got here.” She cites the unique experience of it all as her favourite aspect of Alessandro Michele’s most recent runway presentation rather than just the outfits.

Olivia DeJonge Victorian Style

The twin reveal, in which Michele displayed all of his appearances on two sets of identical twins. Strangely, DeJonge recalls, “it was extremely emotional.” “I believe that as the siblings walked the catwalk holding hands, anybody who has siblings felt a small ping in the heart. Alessandro seemed to be making something more profound than merely a fashion statement at this point.

DeJonge needed to look well because she was sitting in the front row, and she didn’t let everyone down. In order to achieve this, she completely wrapped herself in lace while wearing a black and nude Gucci gown with a hint of Victoriana. DeJonge describes the evening dress as having “fun but sophisticated” sleeves and a blend of colorful lace. She carried a stylish black little purse for the evening, which the actor also liked.

“To be able to carry the tiny Jackie [bag] was also a highlight,” she says. “I’m always a stickler for the Jackie—it’s one of my core pieces.”

DeJonge will return to working on the set after enjoying a little fashion fun. According to DeJonge, she is now preparing for her upcoming Cooper Raif-directed movie, Trashers. “I’m delighted to start working with Cooper Hoffman, who I believe is just dynamite,” said Cooper Hoffman.

She will, however, smuggle in a brief period of rest and relaxation to cap off her extraordinarily hectic year. I haven’t been able to travel home in a year and a half, so after that, I’ll fly back to Australia to visit my family. I’m looking forward to that and petting my puppy very much.

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