Hair Fall in moonsoon

Hair Fall In Moonsoon? Here’s your treatment

One of the most prevalent hair issues we have hair fall in moonsoon. happy news Monsoon season hair loss may be prevented with proper care, and we’ll show you how.

Along with sticky skin, muddy roads, and poor traffic, the monsoon season is also known for unexpected, inexplicable hair fall. Do you ever wonder what went wrong all of a sudden to result in this significant hair loss?

Hair Fall In moonsoon? Here’s how you can treat it

Here, humidity and moisture in the air are the primary offenders Hair fall in moonsoon they boost sebum production, which makes the scalp oily and flaky and the hair dry, harsh, and brittle. It’s not surprising to get wet during this season, and the rain’s acidic, polluting, and toxic qualities cause hair damage, frizz, and dandruff.

Infections from germs and fungi are also more likely due to the moisture. We all have a love-hate relationship with the monsoon season. Sure, we enjoy the rainy, gloomy weather, but when it comes to our hair, things are very different.

Indeed, one of the most prevalent hair issues we have during the rainy season is excessive hair fall. happy news During monsoon season, you can prevent hair loss by giving your hair extra TLC, and we’ll show you how.

Treatment For Hair Fall In Moonsoon

1. Oiling is a must -Did you know that hair fall, especially during the moonsoon seasons, might be caused by improper oiling? As a result, be sure to oil your hair at least once every week. It is strongly advised to have a hot oil massage since it promotes hair development.

2. Air dry your hair-Allow your hair to dry naturally instead of using heating or styling appliances. Using a comb on damp hair will cause more hair to break.

3. Change your shampoo -Switch to a soft shampoo and throw away your normal shampoos. Unless you have Rapunzel-approved hair, don’t use more than the size of a pea, and mix it with water before applying it to your scalp.

Pro tip-Use a hydrating conditioner or a hair mask after shampooing to lessen hair damage and stop hair loss.

Vipin Sharma, Senior Product and Research Manager at Fixderma India Pvt Ltd, added a few straightforward measures that one may take to enjoy healthy hair, a scalp free of infections, and limit hair fall to the list of recommendations for treating excessive hair fall in the monsoon.

To increase the health of hair during this season, stay away from chemical and heating treatments and favour nourishing ones like spa treatments and deep conditioning.

Cover your hair whenever it rains and keep it out of the water. If you do get wet, wash and remove the residue from your hair right away.

Consistently maintain dry hair. Try air drying them instead than using heat or a vigorous blow dryer, which will only cause further hair damage and thinning.

 Do not over wash your hair during this weather but never forget to pay extra attention to conditioning.

Diet has a big impact on hair health. Maintain hydration and healthy diet and cut down on excessive caffeine intake.

Hair fall in moonsoon is a common problem for people of all ages. All of us know that hair fall is not a serious problem, but it can be a big problem for a person whose can’t able to treat it.

I’ve covered every significant subject (the cause and the solution). I sincerely hope you find my blog enjoyable. Please let us know if you’d like to see additional blogs on hair-related issues.

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