Dua Lipa’s London residence and the chic kitchen gadget she uses reveal that she is a traditional woman at heart.

A bare brick wall, a mosaic entryway, and a rainbow-covered sofa are all features of the singer’s urban hideaway in London.

Although the singer Dua Lipa, who was born in London and has dual British and Albanian citizenship, is well known internationally, she still makes London her home.

Dua Lipa’s residence is one of the most exclusive homes in the world and is rumoured to be in the posh West Hampstead district in north London. The singer’s interior design choices are as current as her zip code; they include a light-filled skylight ceiling, pastel kitchen appliances, and a dramatic brick wall that nods to a New York aesthetic while bringing a touch of New York to London.

Prior to starting her music career, Dua Lipa spent her formative years in the same West Hampstead neighbourhood. The singer returned back to the UK after spending some time in Pristina, Kosovo, and soon attained celebrity status. Best known for her tracks Levitating, Be the One, New Rules, and One Kiss with DJ Calvin Harris, the multiple Brit and Grammy Award winner. Here, we get to see inside her house.
Dua Lipa’s front porch and foyer area blend nicely with the area’s vintage homes thanks to its checkered encaustic Victorian tiles and forest green tile trim.
The enormous Victorian homes of West Hampstead, which were constructed in the middle to late 1800s, are well recognised. As a result of local authorities’ encouragement to maintain and preserve the authenticity of the materials used by the original Victorian builders, the majority of residences like hers have period elements both inside and out that Londoners are attracted to.
Her living room is undoubtedly the most informative room in her home if you want to find out more about Dua Lipa’s preferred fabrics and colour schemes. The glass sliding door that occupies virtually the full wall on one side is not the most noticeable aspect, but perhaps the uncovered, dark brick wall that contrasts sharply with it.

The likelihood that this portion of the back of her house is an expansion is very high: A lot of Londoners have erected single storey expansions to the back of their homes to create enormous, open-plan kitchen/diner/living spaces due to the trend for open-plan living and modern heating. Victorian properties were often divided into small rooms that were easier to heat.
The large glass windows and doors that provide a view of Dua’s yard and enough natural light make her home the perfect example of indoor/outdoor living. The singer has covered her grey couch with a rainbow patterned quilt that gives the otherwise neutral-painted room some much-needed colour. This is a great example of a celebrity-approved sofa.
Although Dua Lipa’s living room may have used fabrics to add colour, her kitchen is clearly more varied. The singer’s kitchen includes dark blue-green cabinets that contrast beautifully with the rough marble countertop, giving the room a modern appearance.

Similar to Hilary Duff, who has a baby blue Smeg toaster in her kitchen, Dua displays a baby blue Smeg kettle next to her little Mason jars and wine bottles.
Dua’s bathroom design ideas are as stunning as the rest of her house, with its white marble and encircling mirrors. The room’s exquisite spotlights and hotel-style ambiance are reflected in the mirrors, and the marble soaking tub is the epitome of luxury. We are completely inspired.

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