“I’m not surprised,” says Stray Kids’ Lee Know after striking a humorous posture on the red carpet for the 2022 AAAs.

Lee Know of the Stray Kids gained notoriety on stan Twitter thanks to his actions on the red carpet at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards (AAAs).

The Case 143 team entered the AAAs on December 13, 2022, dressed to the nines in coats and leather jackets. Dancer Lee Know raised his leg during the press picture session and tried to strike a silly posture by gleaning on HAN, who was standing next to him.
While the fans enjoyed the photo, the host instructed them to strike “a handsome position.” They both laughed aloud at the remark. The Drive singer’s uncomfortable demeanour and face-covering, however, have generated a lot of discussion among fans.
Lee Know and HAN make up Minsung, possibly the most well-known buddy group among the Stray Kids. It is a moniker developed from Lee Min-ho and Han Ji-sung, their true names. The pair once again stood out for red carpet photo opportunities at the recent 2022 Asia Artist Awards ceremony, continuing their pattern of doing so.

The Case 143 vocalists lined up and struck various postures with whoever was standing next to them as they posed for press shots. Everyone else was partnered with their partners, including Lee Know and HAN, Felix and Bang Chan, and Hyunjin and Seungmin, with the exception of I.N and Changbin. Out of all of them, the Minsung unit quickly gained popularity for its pranks.
K-pop fans complimented the Case 143 group for treating KARD’s Jiwoo with dignity in another viral incident. On top of the circular table belonging to Stray Kids, the singer performed a portion of KARD’s stage.

On Twitter and TikTok, videos showing members not looking at Jiwoo attracted hundreds of thousands of views.
At the 2022 AAAs, Stray Kids won the Best Choice (Singer) and Album of the Year Daesang awards.

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