Who is the emerging star of London Fashion Week, Per Götesson?

One of the top performers in Lulu Kennedy’s MAN talent development programme is Per Götesson. He is a young designer with only a few collections under his belt, all of which are both wearable and avant-garde.

His native country is Sweden. Per Götesson, a 90s kid from Sweden, spent the first 10 years of his childhood in Björksnäs, a settlement of just five homes encircled by a forest, miles from the next big town. He later moved to Vimmerby, a tiny town in the province of Smaland. He was forced to discover interest in the simplest things as a result of his upbringing in a small community, which sparked his curiosity. When he relocated to London, his inventiveness only increased, and the vitality of the city motivated him to design his first collections for his own label. MAN Show for Spring/Summer 2018 Morgan O’Donovan in a photo
Education He attended the Royal College of Art in London to follow his pals after earning his degree from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. Per Götesson grew unclear about his career goals after finding the project’s methodology (research, developing a mood board, choosing colours, etc.) to be very regimented. He was re-inspired by Zowie Broach, the director of fashion at the Royal College of Art, who showed him that the collection’s backstory is just as significant as the clothing themselves. Show for Men, Spring/Summer 2018

His initial forays into fashion In June 2016, Per Götesson debuted his creations on the runway of London Fashion Week the day after unveiling his end-of-year collection. A crucial turning point occurred for the young designer when Lulu Kennedy, the collective’s unwavering director, drew his or her attention. Additionally, he has collaborated with Ann-Sofie Back, the design director of Cheap Monday, where he worked on the staples and gained knowledge of a garment’s inherent worth. With the help of MAN and Fashion East, Per Götesson is able to show his third collection at London Menswear Fashion Week this season. Show for MAN Spring/Summer 2018

Moodboard Per learned about pop culture while growing up in Sweden by watching MTV Germany on his neighbor’s satellite dish. He discovered his ambition to see the world through music videos. As soon as he arrived in London, the city’s unique street style, as well as the detail, cut, and colour of the clothing he observed around him, became regular sources of inspiration. 4 designers from the spring/summer 2018 collection that he admires – Elsa Schiaparelli before anybody else, for her avant-garde designs, willing provocations, and the same disruptive spirit that can be found in Per’s own creations, which pushed the limits when it came to volume in design. Martin Margiela, without a doubt. He collaborated with Ann-Sofie Back at Cheap Monday. – His practical, neo-Scandi style was influenced by Patrick Söderstam, a Swedish designer who was Per’s instructor at Stockholm’s Beckmans College of Design and who also showed at Fashion East in 2008. Show for MAN Spring/Summer 2018
A toothbrush is his favourite thing. In an interview with Love Magazine, he described it as the one piece he’d take with him if he had to choose as a genuine good luck charm from his Fall/Winter 2017–2018 collection. Where can you buy his creations? MAN Spring/Summer 2018 Addition Adelaide, Tokyo Boon the Shop, Tokyo Machine-A, London L’Eclaireur, Paris Gr8-, Tokyo* Morgan O’Donovan is MAN’s Spring/Summer 2018 cover model.

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