I Love Hitler, Kanye West Declares in Off-the-Rails Interview with Alex Jones

His most recent round of anti-Semitic slurs came the same day Parler, the purported “unceasing free expression platform,” announces that Ye is no longer interested in buying the business.
In an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for his show InfoWars, Kanye West, now known as Ye, expressed his sympathy for Adolf Hitler, prompting yet another antisemitic charge against him. Jones said that Hitler had been “demonised” in the media for his antisemitic utterances. Ye responded by saying he sees “positive things about Hitler.”

Ye was heard saying on the InfoWars footage, “Well, I see nice things about Hitler, as well. “I love everybody, and Jews aren’t going to tell me,” You can love us, as well as what we’re pushing with the pornography and what you’re doing to us with the contracts.
But you can’t say aloud that this person ever did anything nice, and I’m done with that. This man invented motorways and the same microphone that I use as a musician. I’m done categorising people; each person contributed something worthwhile to the world. Particularly Hitler!”

Ye admitted to supporting the Nazi leader in the interview, stating, “I don’t like the word ‘evil’ next to Nazis. I adore Jews, but I also adore Nazis. Ye reaffirmed that it’s “time to encourage love” later in the interview by saying, “I do love Hitler. I do support Zionism.

Ye’s most recent anti-Semitic comments were made on the same day that the rapper announced he would no longer be purchasing Parler, a purported “free speech app.” The parent business of Parler claimed in a statement to Axios that “This decision was made in mid-November in the benefit of both parties. Parler will keep looking for new chances to expand and advance the infrastructure for our thriving neighbourhood.
After being banned from several websites, including Twitter and Instagram, for making antisemitic remarks that violated their terms of service, Ye had previously declared that he would purchase the social networking platform. Additionally, it was a part of an effort to take a “strong position against his recent repression from Big Tech,” as Parler’s parent firm put it at the time. “Create a really non-cancelable environment,” he continued.

White nationalists, neo-Nazi organisations, and other radicals who have hailed him as the greatest “since Adolf Hitler” have supported Ye during his downfall. And despite having destroyed so many relationships, he doesn’t appear to regret his remarks. His Twitter account was suspended initially, but CEO Elon Musk restored it later.

The American Jewish Committee, the ADL, a number of politicians, celebrities, and Ye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian have all condemned his remarks.

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