Roc Nation and Puma Collaborate for ‘Humble Soles’ Mixtape on ‘Hip-Hop 50’

Roc Nation, the renowned rap record label owned by the iconic emcee and business tycoon Jay-Z, has joined forces with the renowned sportswear brand Puma for an exclusive mixtape titled "Hip-Hop 50 Mixtape."


Los Angeles, California – Roc Nation, the renowned rap record label owned by the iconic emcee and business tycoon Jay-Z, has joined forces with the renowned sportswear brand Puma for an exclusive mixtape titled “Hip-Hop 50 Mixtape.” This groundbreaking collaboration marks a significant milestone in the history of both companies.

The second installment in their illustrious mixtape series, titled “Humble Soles,” aims to bridge the worlds of hip-hop and streetwear by showcasing the emerging talent signed to Roc Nation and the label’s accomplished record producers. This mixtape series intends to encapsulate the essence of hip-hop culture through a compelling fusion of music and fashion.

Recently, Roc Nation and Puma unveiled a mixtape roundtable featuring notable personalities such as Wayne “Wayno” Clark, former Roc-A-Fella Records A&R; DJ Clue, a platinum recording artist and producer; Nyla Symone, a leading media personality; Jim Jones, a Harlem rapper; DJ OG Ron C, a southern hip-hop pioneer; DJ Holiday, a renowned mixtape mogul; and Lenny “Lenny S.” Santiago, Roc Nation’s Senior Vice President and a creative visionary. Together, they discussed the vision and inspiration behind the “Humble Soles” mixtape. The mixtape roundtable can be viewed at the following link

In addition to the mixtape roundtable, Roc Nation has unveiled the first “super trailer” for the “Humble Soles” mixtape, which offers a glimpse into the captivating world of the project. The trailer can be viewed here

The highly anticipated release of the “Humble Soles” mixtape is scheduled for this summer, promising an electrifying musical experience. Emory Jones, the executive producer of “Humble Soles,” expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “I feel like the young talent we have on this mixtape is part of the future, but more importantly, they are all humble souls. Being humble sometimes helps you find that greatness within. It helped me put myself in this position to be able to do this project. It’s an honor and a pleasure to now call this our mixtape!”

While Roc Nation has not disclosed the names of the artists featured on the mixtape, fans are eagerly anticipating Jay-Z’s contribution with new music. The acclaimed rapper recently performed at Pharrell William’s Louis Vuitton Afterparty in Paris, where he unveiled “New York (Concept De Paris)” in April. The track, which samples Heron’s “New York Is Killing Me,” offers a captivating rendition of Hov’s chart-topping work “Empire State of Mind” in collaboration with Alicia Keys.

Roc Nation has been home to numerous marquee hip-hop acts, including J. Cole, Lil Uzi Vert, Rihanna, Big Sean, and Jay Park, among others. While the label represented and managed the legendary rapper Meek Mill from Philadelphia, he parted ways with Roc Nation last year, citing allegations of inadequate promotion for his album “Expensive Pain.”

The Roc Nation X Puma “Humble Soles” mixtape is set to make its mark this summer. Stay tuned for this groundbreaking collaboration that is sure to captivate hip-hop enthusiasts worldwide.

About Roc Nation: Roc Nation is a prominent rap record label founded by Jay-Z. With a history of nurturing and representing top-tier hip-hop artists, Roc Nation has established itself as a leading force in the music industry.

About Puma: Puma is a global sportswear brand known for its innovative designs and extensive range of athletic apparel and footwear. With a rich heritage and a commitment to excellence, Puma continues to inspire athletes and enthusiasts around the world.

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