Alec Baldwin is urged to undergo a vasectomy by Hilaria Baldwin, who says she has had enough with seven children.

In response to her previous remarks about being “done” with delivery, Hilaria Baldwin said she is waiting for Alec Baldwin to do his part and have a vasectomy.

The mother of seven discussed the future of her family and said, “Hopefully we’re done” expanding the Baldwin family.

She shared her desire for Alec to have a part in ensuring that this would be the case by having a vasectomy. She shared her plans to devote all of her attention to the children she already has rather than getting pregnant again.

Ilaria, the 38-year-10-week-old old’s daughter, was born lately, and the mother has since spoken openly about her views about motherhood.
During a sneak peek of an interview with Extra, Hilaria provided some insight into her marriage.

“I would say that we’re done, but I said we were done with six,” she defended.
And yes, I would think we should be finished.

She smirked and said to the interviewer, “But Alec still has to go and complete his bit.”

Consequently, “things can happen sometimes if he does not do his part.”

Seven little children—Carmen, 9, Rafael, 7, Leonardo, 6, Romeo, 4, Eduardo, 2, Lucia, 21 months, and Ilaria, 2 months—belong to Hilaria and Alec.

The celebrity also talked openly about the use of surrogates in the past.
People also presume that I’m a worse mother and that my daughter is less like her… She is as devoted to me as any of my other friends are.

“I don’t have a difference between my surrogate daughter and my six other children that I carried,” the speaker declares.

She went on to describe the torture she endured after giving birth to her daughter Lucia: “Someone was doubting your legitimacy as your child’s mother…

“We were reading some extremely nasty stories that were written about my kid and me back in February 2021,” the woman said. They were quite cruel.
Alec and Hilaria wed in 2012 after first meeting at a New York restaurant the previous year.

The actor and his ex-wife Kim Basinger have a daughter together, Ireland Baldwin.

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