Kourtney Kardashian claims she “often smells” Son Reign’s Cut-Off Braid


It has been kept by her in a drawer for two years.

When Kourtney Kardashian cut off her son Reign’s long hair two years ago, she put the lengths in a braid and stored them in her drawer. This isn’t all that strange because parents frequently save their child’s first significant haircut, but Kourtney acknowledged that she occasionally smells the braid.

Kourtney and her sister Khloé let readers into their bedrooms for a new story in Interview, where Kourtney kept Reign’s now two-year-old braid. (Reign is currently seven years old.) She explains to her sister what she keeps next to her bed, including water, a candle, some papers she probably won’t ever look through, and a Lalique vase resembling one that belonged to her late father. She also adds that Reign’s hair is kept in a “secret drawer” in her nightstand. We didn’t cut Reign’s hair till he was five years old, so I have his hair, says Kourt. I often smell his long braid because I have it. (Hey, anything makes you fall asleep at night!)

Reign’s lush, lengthy waves are undoubtedly well known to fans of The Kardashians or Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The youngest child of Kourtney was well recognised for his shoulder-sweeping hair, which he frequently wore loose or in ponytails. You would also be aware of the criticism he and Kourtney received for allowing him to grow it out for so long. When Reign was five years old, Kourtney and her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick fully chopped his hair, and today the seven-year-old sports a short cut.
Even though the smelling part makes Crispin Glover’s Charlie’s Angels villain sound a little too Crispin Glover, it’s sort of lovely that Kourtney has kept Reign’s hair as a keepsake.

In the same interview, Kourtney also disclosed that she keeps a box of inspirational sayings from her sister Kendall Jenner by her bed. Each morning, you’re supposed to jot down a quote and let it serve as your guide for the day. Khloé claims she didn’t receive one and is surprised by this statement. Looks like Kendall has your holiday shopping for KoKo covered!

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