Cardi B’s Holiday Manicure in Bright Yellow Has Me Gluttonous

With her distinctive long acrylic tips, Cardi B has demonstrated that she is capable of anything. This time, however, it’s not the length of her nails that has us glancing twice at her most recent manicure. As opposed to that, it’s the vivid yellow nail paint shade she showed off on her Instagram story on November 24. Of course, the length gives it a more heightened flare, but the rapper’s use of a festive colour drew our attention as she spent Thanksgiving with her children, Kulture and Wave, and her husband, Offset.
On Instagram, she posted pictures of their cutest family bonding times. She also donned an all-black ensemble in addition to having her hair fashioned in lengthy bombshell waves. But save the silver crystals that graced her ring and middle fingers, only her nails served as a colour accent. The rapper’s nail technician paid special attention to positioning the jewels vertically along the centre of the nail. The iridescent highlights on top of the yellow base colour went from the tips of her square nails up toward the middle.
The rapper had a very distinct appearance because to Cardi’s delicate crystalized embellishments. She has even covered the entirety of the nail in diamonds and chains for her manicure designs. She may adore long acrylics, but she has also been seen wearing flares in the shape of ducks in the past. And before we even talk about the nail art she sports, I still can’t get over the blue swirls that adorned her abstract manicure on June 20.

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