Hip-hop fans worldwide are still buzzing about Young Thug’s highly anticipated third studio album, “Business is Business,” and now, more details about its production have emerged. Renowned superproducer Metro Boomin, credited as the album’s executive producer, revealed that he completed the entire project in just two weeks.

According to TMZ, Atlanta-based hitmaker Metro Boomin pieced together the album’s tracks in an astonishingly short period. Furthermore, in an unprecedented move, Young Thug’s vocals were recorded through a prison phone to enhance his existing vocals due to his incarceration, as confirmed by TMZ.

One of the album’s standout tracks, “Hoodie,” was co-produced by Southside, the talent behind the hard-hitting rap record “Slatty” on YSL’s “Slime Language 2” compilation LP, which also featured Lil Durk and Yak Gotti.

The “Business is Business” LP made its debut on June 23, 2023, just one week after Gunna released his fourth studio album, “A Gift & A Curse.” Young Thug enlisted the collaboration of some of the most influential emcees in hip-hop and teamed up with renowned record producers such as David & Eli, Wheezy, Aviator Keyyz, Kid Masterpiece, D Rich, Dr. Luke, FNZ, F1lthy, Allen Ritter, Dre Moon, Southside, and more.

Earlier this year, hip-hop super producer Hit-Boy stirred up controversy when he criticized Metro Boomin and Southside for their production styles, claiming they lacked the classic “Boom Bap” or “808s” elements in their rap records. Hit-Boy’s diss caused quite a stir in the industry and prompted discussions about the different production approaches among producers.

Despite the criticism, this year has been monumental for Metro Boomin. Prior to Young Thug’s star-studded LP, he served as the executive producer for the “Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse” soundtrack. Boomin’s sophomore studio album, “Heroes & Villains,” was also well-received, and he contributed to the production of “Popular” by The Weeknd, Mike Dean, Playboi Carti, and Madonna.

In other news, Logic, the celebrated rapper, recently made headlines by parting ways with his discography for an undisclosed eight-figure sum. The move generated significant buzz and left fans speculating about Logic’s future endeavors.

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