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Hailey Bieber Talks About Her Process

Hailey Bieber is a star of the red carpet, catwalk, and street style. So it’s surprising that the model hasn’t created her own clothing brand yet—at least not before today. Bieber and Wardrobe are launching a unique capsule collection today. NYC. Josh Goot and Christine Centenera, the company’s creators, and Justin Bieber sought to make a simple selection of wardrobe staples with up-to-date, trendy touches. She tells Vogue, “I wanted to take the hassle out of putting together a stunning look.

Through Centenera, Bieber first learned about the brand Wardrobe.NYC, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year and is noted for its sleek, understated clothing. It turns out that she has long liked the cofounder’s sense of style and thought that a cooperation between them would be successful. The fundamental items in my everyday wardrobe and the ones I believe will last a lifetime are how we decided on each piece, adds Bieber. “Like mixing an outstanding coat and a beautiful jacket with simple, everyday layering items.”

The 11-piece collection is extremely wearable and has a simple, uncomplicated appearance. A shirt, blazer, minidress, and a choice of trouser or legging are included in the four-pack ($1,750), while the eight-pack ($3,750) includes a track top, track trousers, ribbed tank, and coat. (In contrast, a knit sweater and an oversized t-shirt may be ordered separately.) All items range in size from 2XS to XL and are created in Europe with Italian materials.

Hailey Bieber

According to Bieber, the fit and customization were priorities when creating the product. She explains, “I was very particular about the fit of each item, how it hangs, and how it wears. I was too particular about the proportions of each component because I’m really finicky about how things fit in general. Her own clothing served as inspiration for the addition of personal touches to the design. From the more high, structural pieces to the more comfortable, informal ones, everything of the clothing reflects my unique style, according to Bieber.

“I always try to combine comfort and style, and that’s what I intended to achieve with these clothing,” the wearer said. In order to match Hailey’s very precise vision, Goot continues, “Once we had established the mainstays, we set about updating them—elevating fabrications, experimenting with proportions, and really optimising the cuts.”

In order to perfect the clothing’ appearance, Bieber acknowledges that there were enjoyable hurdles. The hardest part, to be honest, was to avoid removing too much of each piece. I’m a perfectionist, and I believe I often get caught up in trying to improve things by making small adjustments each time,” she adds. “I had to rely on my instincts to know when something was completed and ideal, rather than trying to always push and strive to make it better. Something that was already fantastic can be ruined if you get into that routine.

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