Diwali 2022 fashion tips

Want to know about the colours and trends this Diwali for the young crowd? Check out this list of best Indo-Western styles for men to sort your fashion woes and stay in vogue ahead of Diwali 2022 Using lights and clothing together is “cracker”! We’ve all experienced situations where we desired that both ethnic and western attire were more comfortable and adaptable. Fortunately, thanks to Indo-Western design trends, we can now blend the best of both worlds. Combining and combining western and Indian designs is not a simple endeavour, but it’s also not very difficult either, thanks to ethnic patterns, bomber jackets, and other garments.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Raghav Pawar and Amar Pawar, Co-Founders of Powerlook, revealed some of the best Indo-Western styles for men to sort your fashion woes and stay in vogue ahead of Diwali 2022.

Diwali trends 2022

1. The Mandala prints

contemporary, adaptable, stylish, and breathable Did we overlook anything? This half-sleeved Mandala Print shirt is a unique addition to your independent wardrobe since it strikes the perfect balance between overt and understated. A great synthesis of western clothing with Indian heritage. Instead of wearing bulky clothing, pair the Mandala Prints with jewellery and fitted slacks.

2. Effortless beige patchwork print

So you like your basics. We do too! It leaves plenty of room to play with layers and is a sure win for casual and formal events. Add to your sartorial elegance with a small flowers printed half sleeves shirts.

3. Kurta shirts are hot

Shirts that resemble kurtas are really fashionable right now and will keep your style quotient warm. Kurta shirts are nonetheless charming and unusual. Take a chance and be brave enough to attempt it.

4. Mix it up with prints

Nothing screams independent like an eye-catching ethnic print for a straightforward yet modern touch. Increase the intensity by adding a pair of blue pants, or even better, go for a tone-on-tone match for the rooftop events!

5. Always in, never out – jackets!

No matter what, jackets will always be in style. This season, a bomber jacket with a band collar and zip fastening in a standard fit will add a pop of colour to any ensemble. For a full Diwali appearance, wear this bomber jacket with a cold shoulder plain kurta and pants made of denim.

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