Winner of “Big Brother” Taylor Hale speaks with Jalen Rose about the “harrowing” show

Taylor Hale discusses her stint on “Big Brother” and how winning the Miss Michigan title aided her in taking home the TV prize.
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Taylor Hale, a gifted friend of mine, made history by becoming the first black woman to win “Big Brother.” similarly to Miss Michigan 2021. But she is another proud Detroiter that I am familiar with.

Hale, a beauty pageant champion, battled through some genuine ugliness on her way to becoming a national celebrity and winning the reality TV competition. She said to me this week on “Renaissance Man” that it has resonated with her to this day.

From other black people in the residence, Hale stated, “I encountered an extraordinary degree of bullying, microaggressions, racism, and colorism.” “One individual verbally assaulted me in front of everyone in the home. The event was terrifying and overwhelming. It’s something new in that house that we haven’t seen before. And for me to win and receive $50,000 in addition to being named America’s favourite player… Yes, I do boast about myself.

Hale observed years of animosity toward the black female candidates on “Big Brother,” which she overcame in a dramatic way. She understood that it was her duty, during her Season 24 tenure, to bring about substantive change and amend the rules of the 12-week game.

“I super-binged everything as I was being scouted for ‘Big Brother,’ so I could know what I was entering into. And during that intense binge, I came to understand that black women, particularly those with darker skin tones, were marginalised, bullied, and alienated for little to no reason,” she stated. “I realised that if I were to go on reality television, my goal had to be bigger than me. I wasn’t going to allow it to happen in the house because we frequently get made into villains for merely attempting to survive.

Despite the cruelty, there was a tremendous silver lining to her time on the show. In spite of the internal strife, Hale not only won over the nation during her championship run, but she also won Joseph Abdin’s heart. The incredibly content pair announced their relationship to the world in November, a decision Hale described to me as “somewhat daunting, but also a relief.”

“When the entire house was abusing me, Joseph was one of the very few people to be polite to me. He spent time with me even if it wasn’t beneficial for his game. Hale remarked, “He got to know me as a person. “Now, once he was kicked out, everyone returned and purposefully led me to believe that he had turned against me and despised me. I had to continue the game while I tried to figure out who this person I was falling for was. Then, however, “on finale night, he kissed me. We wanted to take our time to explore our relationship, and I simply knew that.

The pair did exactly that. Abdin and the 313 supertalent made every effort to ensure that their relationship would last longer than eight weeks since they didn’t want to be an eight-week famous couple.

To ensure that our heads were in good shape, “We were dedicated to going to therapy together… You see all these reality TV couples; they go on the show, declare their love, move in, and then break up two months later, according to Hale. “I think I’ve finally found the one. And I’m not going to put that at risk.
Hale’s confidence to rule the world on “Big Brother” stemmed from the numerous lessons she discovered during her time competing in pageants. Hale learned how to compete for all the marbles during the Miss Michigan search, especially while going up against other women.

When you shift your perspective from one of “I’m competing against other women” to “I’m competing to be the best version of myself,” Then, according to Hale, “you can enter the pageant and stand on the stage and declare, ‘This is who I am. I’m yours to keep, or not.

And if you choose me, I’ll keep demonstrating why you made that decision. And since I am secure in who I am, if you leave me, it won’t have any effect on me.

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