This is what kim kardashian ex-husband kanye west feel about showing her unde photos to staff


Kim Kardashian is reportedly “looking into” the bombshell accusations that Kanye West showed his former workers nude photos of the star of The Kardashians while he was working with Adidas.

When it comes to Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s well-known family “continues to speculate what may drop next.”
Kim Kardashian is unquestionably “disgusted” by a startling purported Kanye West admission! For the uninitiated, Rolling Stone released an exposé in which it was claimed that Yeezy staffers had written an open letter to Adidas, accusing Ye of treating them unfairly at work and acting inappropriately toward them. The staff members said in the open letter that the 45-year-old rapper showed them naked pictures of his ex-wife.

Kim Kardashian is “DISGUSTED” by the startling alleged revelation about Kanye West.
According to a source who spoke to US Weekly, Kim Kardashian is reacting negatively to the latest Kanye West-related incident. The Kardashians star is “looking into” the allegations that while working for Adidas, her ex-husband sent his former coworkers images of her that were nude. The insider stated that she reacted as follows: “Kim is abhorrent. She is terrified and feels violated.” The reality star-entrepreneur, 42, is currently attempting to “confirm” the allegations: “[She] wanted to see what images former workers saw so she had more specifics.”

Furthermore, the insider stated that the issue is “simply another bombshell regarding Kanye.” The renowned family of Kim K, who has been involved in several issues, “continues to worry what will drop next” when it comes to the Heartless musician. Before Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West in February 2021, the couple had been married for six years. Chicago, age 4, Psalm, age 3, and North, age 9, are the couple’s four children.

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Details about the alleged mistreatment of employees by Kanye West
A 2018 business meeting is also where Kanye West reportedly showed his ex-graphic wife’s movie in addition to the purported nude images of Kim Kardashian. According to an unnamed employee who spoke to Rolling Stone: “It was incredibly candid and intimate. I hardly responded.” As if that weren’t enough, Ye has also been charged for playing porn for his Yeezy partners without including Kardashian. According to one unnamed staff member, West employed “tactic[s] to tear a person down and build their undying commitment” to him. The charges also include allegations of assault.

Complaints that the sportswear company willfully disregarded allegations of wrongdoing against Kanye West have prompted Adidas to launch an inquiry. Adidas stated in a statement, “The validity of the charges presented in an anonymous letter is presently unknown. However, we have decided to immediately begin an independent inquiry into the situation to address the complaints since we take them extremely seriously.” Notably, Kanye has not yet responded publicly to the accusations of wrongdoing levelled against him.

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